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Balance. The ultimate goal. Ricky Lankford

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Learning to be positive

Positiveness is a skill, and as all other skills – it can be learned. Why would one need to learn it? Well, at least to not be sad all the time. To attract positive people, events and circumstances. To vibrate on high frequencies.

We all heard that what we focus on with our thoughts, words and actions – we attract into our life. If we are focused on poverty, diseases, rude people, crappy job – then this is what we are going to get. More of that. So to attract positiveness, happiness, health – we have to focus on those.

So how do we learn to be positive?

There is nothing new in my words, its all around the internet. But I will mention the things which specifically help me.

Start with turning off the TV and cutting off some online portals. Do not read news! (Unless you are a journalist)

You don’t need to know what is going on in the world. How can you help people in Japan who suffered from a tornado? How can you influence price growth? How is global warming affecting you?

I stopped watching or reading news few years ago, and I really feel happier ever since. Having thoughts like “omg, how to survive in this crazy world?” is going to destroy your peace and mental health in general. Guess what, I survived and I’m doing great.

Quit facebook and any other media which forces you to compare your life to the “perfect” life of others. I quit facebook  year ago, and first of all –  I have hours of free time, and second – I stopped feeling like a looser while comparing my life to someone’s else. Very often all those happy photos and statuses are fake. And even if they aren’t – who cares?

Stop suffering. One of my favorite life coaches, Olesya Novikova, writes in her blog: to become happy – stop being unhappy first. I completely agree. Before becoming super-positive person, first step to do is to stop complaining and suffering all the time.

Pay attention to the things which you already have. Sort of “gratitude journal”. I don’t have a journal though, but every time I catch myself thinking negatively I force to switch my attention to something good: I don’t have a job I’m passionate about. But hey, at least I have perfect health, beauty, home, friends, good food … It would be so much worse if I didn’t have all those things.

Always find something good in any unpleasant event. Change your reactions. I didn’t get that job in another city. But I met with my friend who lives there and we spent nice time together. Missed the bus/the event – at least I got a good sleep in the morning. You already missed that thing so you can’t do anything about that. Try to find something good out of it.

Affirm positively. Don’t say – my boyfriend is pissing me off. Say – I’m so happy when we talk and solve all of our misunderstandings. Not “I’m never gonna get out of this situation“, but rather “I’m curious how I’m gonna resolve it this time”

Meditate. I am a complete beginner in it – but it already helps. I found guided meditations on youtube, now I have also signed up for local yoga class with meditation. Choose what fits you best. If done properly it really makes you feel peaceful and less anxious.

There are many other ways to become more positive. Pick some and start applying them one by one. Very soon you will notice how your consciousness is shifting. You ll notice that more good events are happening, great people come around and you feel better. Isn’t it amazing?



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List of my favorite life coaches

I have been researching area of self-growth and development for quite a long time now. I went trough thousands articles, hundreds authors and blogs. Some I’ve rejected immediately, from some I liked few articles only. All of them though, to different extend, made positive effect on my life, and I am glad to share the list of biggest contributors.

Here is my top7 chart:

  1. Kelsey Aida – my number ONE life guide. Huge number of blog entries about manifesting good stuff into your life. She is so positive, full of energy and love, that you just want to stay around her blog for a little more…
  2. Marie Forleo – famous world-class life coach. She speaks mainly about creating business of your dream, but you can apply her advice to any other aspect of your life
  3. BoldSelf – Chiara Mazzucco’s blog is mainly about making changes in your personality – become confident, assertive person, the one you always wanted to be
  4. re-self – my most stable life coach. I ‘ve been researching and changing places for inspiration all the time, but Olesya stays with me for years now. If you are ready to read the tough truth about yourself – its definitely place to go. Her main website is in Russian language, however, they recently started to translate it to English.
  5. TheUnlost – my career guide. It does really help! The author opens your eyes on some common life misconceptions. You suddenly realize that it’s okay to be who and where you are, but if you want to – you can move forward.
  6. Brendon Burchard – recent discovery. The guy is just amazing. He is smiling, and speaks simple and is so excited about the things he talks, that you don’t have a choice but to get excited too!
  7. A Home for Multipotentialites – also my very recent discovery. Although I did not stay there for long, but I think that the idea they convey is quite interesting – how to combine all of your skills, talents and passions into one business. Might be helpful for someone.

That will be all for now 🙂