Life balance

Balance. The ultimate goal. Ricky Lankford

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It’s not what you need right now

earth-spaceThis feeling. When you really really want something and dream about it day and night. And it’s not coming… When you’ve read hundreds of articles on manifesting your desires. You know how the Universe works, you know that you create your reality… You think you know it all, you’ve done the work, but it’s still nowhere close. Your deepest, truest desire is simply not coming.

You start doubting yourself, the whole Law of attraction thing, and everyone who believes in it. You start trying to trick the Universe with “So don’t bring it to me!! Never really wanted it anyway!! ” And thinking – “You see, I’ve surrendered! I have detached from the outcome! This is what was written in books! I did it well!“. And hoping: “Now it’s gonna come for sure…

Damn, it’s still not coming, what a hell???

Am I doing it wrong? Or did all those people who tell their manifestation stories just go mad and lost connection with reality? Are those people even real?

You start doubting everything, but deep down you know the truth. The thing with spiritual awakening is that when you start the process – there is no way back. Your soul gets stronger every day, and with every day it makes it harder for your ego to take back control.

You know the truth.

Your desire is not coming because it’s not what you really want. It’s not what you need, right now or at all.

It might be that you want that specific person because he/she made you feel so loved and blessed, that you want that feeling back. Or because you think he will make you feel that way.

You think you want that job, but in fact you want it because everyone goes there. Because everyone who works on this position feels proud of himself. It is prestigious and well paid, and if you don’t get it, while your friends/collegues did – you will look like a failure. You want to feel successful, but it doesn’t mean you want that job.

Your desires are valid, and your desires to feel in a certain way are valid too.

But what if you are simply not ready for what you’ve asked for?

What if, the moment that guy will walk into your door – you will start screaming and yelling at him that he never loved you and that he should walk away.

What if you get that job, but you can’t handle the pressure it puts on you? And in fact, you never wanted to work in pressure no matter how much they pay or how good you’ll look in the eyes of others?

What if behind that deepest desire of yours lies simple longing to feel wanted. Valuable. Loved. And your mind knows the only way – trough that particular job or that specific person.

But the Universe has so much more to offer. You never really lose. You are never rejected. You are being redirected and given an opportunity to look around and receive a better match to what you’ve asked for. Or sometimes to receive a middle step, a stepping stone on the way to your desire. To prepare you for receiving it. To grow and understand the things which will help you to handle it when your dream comes around.

Don’t rush the Universe. Don’t try to trick it. It knows what is best for you at this moment. It knows what you really long for. It knows how to deliver. Sit back in stillness and see what comes next.

Release control to God and let Him guide you trough the process. Pray:

“Dear God. If you want this desire for me – show me what to do”

Gabrielle Bernstein


And trust that whatever comes – is for your own good, and for the good of  the whole world.

“Everything always works out for me and my own good

My favorite life&career coach Mo

❤ Believe ❤


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It’s me. It’s always me. And always has been

P1230157_newRelationships. Why do we make them so painful. Why do we still prefer war over love…

I had really difficult childhood. I lived in poverty, sometimes with no food, in constant fights, aggression, hatred, blame and pain. I grew up learning that I am nothing if I don’t get good grades. I was blamed, shamed and punished for every single step I made. Whether good or bad, it was always bad. Except for good grades. That mattered. And so I studied. I wasn’t allowed to play with other kids after school. At all. I was studying. And looking at them out of my window. I believed that they are better than me because they are out there playing. They must have earned that. They also have better clothes. They travel and go out. And I don’t. I am worse than them. No other kid was forbidden to go out and play. Only I was. And my sister.

Everyone out there is better than me and my family

Up until recent weeks I didn’t realize that this was my life credo. I was living my childhood story, over and over again. With every relationship, every partner, friend, boss or anybody who entered my life – my only pattern was “I am worse than you. So I have to cover it up as much as I can and prove the opposite”

And so I behaved correspondingly. Aggressive. Blaming. Needy.

“I can’t let them know that im worse!! Im good! See? Dont you see it? You really can’t see it? How else can I prove it to you?”

And the Universe patiently listened. “You need another chance to prove it! Got’ya!”.. “They don’t hear you!”, “Nobody sees how good you are!”

And so it sent me corresponding people. One after another.

Unavailable or same needy men. Betraying friends. Nobody ever “heard me”

Sometimes I prayed for better people, and so the Universe sent those too.

“What?? You love me?? Without any proof? Whom are you kidding!! Not interested” – was my usual response to them.

And the Universe was still listening. Kept on sending teachers to me. Tried to knock into my door and show me the other way. But I wasn’t interested. I didn’t care. I was too busy with proving to everyone how good I am and wondering why can’t I have “normal” friends..

It wasn’t until devastating heartbreak that I started to wake up. I was in unbearable pain for a long time…

Until one day I was fed up with suffering and refused to take it any longer. I literally screamed in tears to the Universe: “I can’t take it anymore! Show me something! Give me hope! What should I do with my life??”

I will remember that day forever. I cried out my pain. Calmed down. Turned on my laptop and with no obvious reason opened a book which I stored there for years and never opened before. The book is called “Conversations with God”. I started to read it from the middle. And one of the first phrases I’ve read was: “You are reading these words because you asked for it” … I got paralyzed…. And read the whole book in one breath.

Since then I believe in God. I believe that we receive what we ask for. I believe that there are no victims, no luck and no fate. There is deliberate creation. There are thoughts, which build up into thought patterns and end up as actions. There are intentions and the charge they bring. We do get what we want. Always.

But we are unable to receive it. We are unable to see what we’ve asked for. The negative thought patterns are so deep, that we don’t recognize when what we’ve asked for comes our way.

And so we get another lesson. Another negative experience to open our eyes. To understand what we want and to know that we are worthy of receiving it. Another reminder to change our belief system. Another lesson on self-love.

It all begins and ends with you. It’s not them. You believe that you aren’t worthy of what you asked for. And so you sabotage it. You blame others and push away good because you think you don’t deserve it. Or you attract bad because you think that this is the only thing you deserve. And you don’t understand it and keep on blaming yourself for attracting bad into you life, and so creating more guilt and unworthiness…It can go on forever.

But the Universe is smart. It will send you bad people. But you won’t listen. Then an accident. But you will blame that idiot who crashed your car. Then a severe disease. But you will blame God for being unfair to you. It will send you the worse experiences until you wake up. Until you realize your worthiness. Until you learn to love yourself. Until you stop pushing away what you have asked for. And start receiving with gratitude. And finally start loving.

It’s you. It’s always you. And always has been

❤ ❤ ❤ Love&peace to all who may read this ❤ ❤ ❤



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You are worthy

pexels-photo-325468…Of the life you want. Of the things you desire. Of the people you love. Of each and every wish you have. No matter how you label them – crazy, unreachable , insane – you are so worthy of them. Life caused you to want them. They are important to you, and so they are important to the whole world. Don’t deny them, they are your reality. Embrace them. You have the right to want, and you have the right to receive . The Universe loves you unconditionally. It doesn’t matter who and where you are. You are worthy of love just because you came to this planet. Because you exist. Your existence is divine and pure. When you were a child – you knew it. Your life experiences caused you to forget . I know that. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading these lines.

It is time to remember who you are. Stand in your grace. Reclaim your power. You are not a victim. You are a powerful energy being, creator of your own reality. I was guided to write these lines to remind you about it. You have absolutely same rights for love, abundance and peace as any other human being. There is no such thing as luck. We choose our circumstances by ourselves before coming to this planet. We all are the energy. We came here to explore, play, want, receive, and feel happy about the process. Listen to your inner voice. It knows where to go. It knows where your light is. It knows what is best for you. You are safe.

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Meditation guide for beginners

First tip for any beginner: Do not get discouraged if you don’t get it right. Nobody does it from the first time.

I’ve started my practice few months ago and I often don’t get it right – my mind wanders, body can’t settle in a sit position, sounds from surroundings don’t let me focus. But I keep on  practicing – and I start to notice that each time its easier to let go of thoughts and tap into meditative state.

So where to start ? Which type of meditation to choose? How to prepare for it? I’ve put together quick guide:

1. No prior preparation required. Just start, right here, right now. Whenever you feel a call. Don’t wait for the evening or morning or until you buy the mat or candles. You can do it anywhere and anytime.

2. I recommend choosing guided meditations. The voice will guide you trough the process.

3. Choose very short ones – 5 to 15 minutes. Our mind is not used to stand still, it will be constantly interrupted by the to-do list , worries about partner or repeating over the events from the day. Start small, eventually your brain will adapt and ask for more.

4. Pay attention to your inner feedback – if that particular meditation doesn’t feel good – don’t do it

5. There are several ways to calm your mind: focusing on your breath, repeating mantras or visualizations. Visualization works best for me. But you can simply start by noticing your breath.

List of my favorite meditations:

There are tons of others on youtube and all over the internet. Search for them, try those which feel best, then try some other.

And really do not worry if its not perfect. Just do your best in learning this new skill. You may feel frustrated or awkward, but you will notice shifts in your thinking right from the start. This is your first step towards mindful living.