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Balance. The ultimate goal. Ricky Lankford

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Small step forward

It’s great! For the last two days I feel happy and inspired. Let me tell you why.

As I mentioned in the previous post – after reading tons of useless information on finding your passion I came across the only one advice which makes sense to me: don’t search for your purpose, instead consider options around you and do what you can with what you have now. I’m delighted to say: it works!

Generally speaking I nearly hate my job for several reasons: I don’t enjoy the type of work – I am IT admin, and all those configurations, versions and upgrades just don’t interest me; I hate extreme stress which often accompanies my daily tasks, and lets not even mention compensation&benefits part. But.. since yesterday I decided to apply what I’ve read before and started to carefully examine possibilities around. Amazingly, they started to pop up one after another. I realized that there is so much work to do which I may enjoy! For instance, my team doesn’t have visibility of how some of our tools work, and this causes difficulties especially for newcomers. So I created plan-presentation with all those squares and circles in it to visually explain the flow and logic of the tool. It took my attention for the whole working day and a bit more. My colleagues liked it!

Inspired by one day success I decided to go further. I updated useful documentation, started organizing some other stuff. Then based on all the things, which need improvements, idea of making sort of a project emerged in my head. Now I’m thinking if its possible to implement and from where to start.

Another very important aspect of my every day job is to have stress under control, as stress and worries significantly damage my health, slowly I start to feel the impact. I found advice on this too : “Don’t take it personally” approach and “It will not matter in 5 weeks (years)” – help me the most. I didn’t master these yet, but I’m trying to apply whenever I can.

Unfortunately not always we are able to pick the activity, even within our current job. As well in my daily routine I rarely have the whole day to do organizational tasks I like. Not always I will be able to control stress. Not always I will be satisfied with my day. I know I will be down and unhappy again for many times. But last two days at work I felt uplifted, which didn’t happen for quite some time. I made an important baby step towards my goal, and I guess I’m finally coming to understanding of famous sayings “be happy with what you have now and more will come” and “think outside the box”. I just have to keep on moving.